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April 30, 2007


Sadly, you are probably right. And what was up with the white outfits the contestants were wearing? That was odd. Doesn't seem like that good of a show anymore.

Just wondering if "jump the shark" has become a dictionary expression yet. When I first heard it years ago I would never have guessed that it would catch on as it has.

Actually, jumping the shark is an entry in Wikipedia, so I guess it's become somewhat of a universal phrase.

And tonight we've got Jon Bon Jovi as the musical mentor, and the kids are all doing Bon Jovi songs. Blech.

PS I agree with you -- not as entertaining this season as it has been.

There will never be a season as good as Season 4...Bo Bice was the best male contestant ever on AI. After that, people watched Season 5 hoping to see something as good as before...and now, there's nothing to watch. Since Bo and Carrie...nothing will ever be the same.

Bo blows! Nothing can ever touch the heights scaled by the majesty, the glamour, and THE VOICE that is Clay "I'm even gayer than Barry Manilow" Aiken.

Simply put, Clay Aiken is the reason I awake to face the world each day. Without him, I would be forced to get a life....something I'm not yet prepared to do.

There will never be another Season 2. Say what u will but at least the contestants had personality not to the mention the utter perfection of Clay Aiken's voice - a voice so perfect that apparently all are jealous given their vindictiveness towards someone who has since dedicated his life to charity. It was unforgiveable that he was not asked to be on the "Idol Gives Back" show!

I am embarrassed at the way Idol 6 gave back. It is American Idol after all. While I do not oppose helping others, their photos of American children were few; and the other starving children were oh so cute and did not look hungry IMHO. Please don't throw tomatoes, it is just an observation. Would love to know how much the really well-paid people on that show "gave back"

They have had some really fine talent on AI, but only Melinda has the quality of voice needed for a winner this year. Phil has improved, Lakisha can sing certain songs, as can Jordin, and Blake does his thing. I am not sure Melinda can connect to the cd buying public though.

Season Two was best for me. You can't beat the Clay/Ruben competition, which, I agree, Clay should have won. No one before or since has had his magnetic personality, vocal talent, and versatility.

Season Three was not good for me. The boys were bad, and Fantasia did not impress me. LaToya and Jennifer sounded better.

Season Four gave us Carrie, and she was terrific. Liked Bo too, but think she had the better voice.

Season Five had a lot of different talent, but Chris so obviously was to be the most successful. Katharine should do well too, Elliott has a good recording voice, and Taylor has his own ready made following.

This year, Melinda is best, but I think Blake and Jordin might give her a run for her money. Neither sings as well, but they are easier to market.

Gotta agree with you. I'm usually on my computer, doing laundry, doing paperwork and anything else while that show is on my TV--BORING! Of course, the fabulous Aiken set the standard and NO ONE is going to even come close to his enormous talent, charisma, personality. Clay, I couldn watch forever--he's just gorgeous, funny, witty, charming! Guess you can tell I sorta like him a little! OK, maybe a lot!

We have a UNICEF AMBASSADOR , CLAY AIKEN who in season 2 sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" & knocked it out of the ball park! Annie Lennox was NO match for Clay's pipes of perfection.

I also doubt ( given how Simon made such a stink about a contestant in season 3 donating to charity & dismissed him because he chose to do so ) that he has a selfless and/or charitible bone in his body!! I wonder if the 3 muskateers will be carrying on their philenthropic work in Africa???

I preferred to donate through Clay Aiken & UNICEF someone I know who is sincere & the money will go to where it is intended !!

I agree, the No. 1 and No. 2 seasons were the most entertaining,. especially Clay and Ruben. Loved Ruben, but Clay is my absolute favourite with his whole personality, his giving and caring ways, and that awe-inspiring, beautiful singing voice!! But, I still enjoy American Idol!

What are you people saying??? Clay Aiken plays second fiddle to no one on AI! In my view, he is the finest entertainer since Elvis Presley.

When I die, I want his version of "Over the Rainbow" played at my grave site. Weep for me...

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