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May 09, 2007


Melinda was the best and I think Jordin was second. Blake is too weird. I think it will be Melinda and Jordin in the final.

I think you are right about LaKisha. I think her time is up, although Jordin probably shud go.

Blake could have been great on "You Should Be Dancing," but I mostly agree with Randy on the beat box thing. If he would have cut back about 5%-10% of it, it would have been a slam dunk great performance, but I think he over-did it a little. I didn't like his second song at all. I wouldn't mind seeing him go, but he owns the chick vote now and probably will be in the finals.

I agree that LaKisha may be in jeopardy tonight (and I also liked the off-beat ah-ahs), and if so, she should be proud of making it to the top four. She came in as a true undiscovered "rookie" talent, that with the proper coaching and time to mature, might end up being one of the great singers of the future.

It's funny how much higher the bar gets set when you are as good as Melinda. It's like the Patriots making it to the AFC Championship game and losing in the final two-minutes...that would be an exceptional achievement for a lot of teams, but for the Pats, only a Super Bowl victory will do. Melinda is an expeienced pro (even if it's "just" as a backround singer), so she's now expected to give a Tina Turner like performance every single time...and she should be expected to do that.

How far Jordan goes from here will say a lot about the voting audience.

Last night Blake looked like he was phoning in his performances, it was oddly robotic. I didn't care for the beatboxing last night, which was a surprise to me since I loved it so much on the Bon Jovi song.

I think LaK is going home. Hope. Haven't really cared for her since the auditions.

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