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May 07, 2007


Huh? Dave seems highly anal-retentive to me.

Dave's thought process is integrated and symbolically rich. The two lowercase Ls in Toni Tennille’s surname mirror the 11 minutes to dinnertime. Furthermore, these letters and digits graphically represent thinness (as opposed to the rotund Os in Tony Orlando’s name), which seamlessly segues to his decision to forgo starchy carbs. And finally, 77 (Nebbiolo Bin 77) divided by 11 is seven, which is the number of letters in the phrase “thin man”. Dave is a freakin’ savant!

Scott - good analysis, but even I couldn't have been that precise. It's more free-flow thinking when I have 11 minutes of down time.

It's a good analysis, Scott, but I still think that more than anything Dave needs to get laid.

I certainly won't argue with that!

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