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June 25, 2007


Ohmygod - I hate that scene! You're freaking me out.

Eeeeek!!! Make it stop!

My all time worse-than-Jack-in-The Shining all. time. worst. nightmare character.
And Tim Curry? Hoo boy, yeah. He's great at demented!
Thank you ever so much, Dan.
I shall have night terrors now.

That is a spooky scene. Scary movie in general. And the book? I remember staying up until 3 in the morning reading IT and then lying awake for hours afterwards because I couldn't sleep.

Personally, I always thought the scene in "Salem's Lot" where the vampire is in the fog and scraching the bedroom window was something. Dang that still freaks me out.

"Salem's Lot" - the scene with Danny Glick scratching the window. Agreed - scary scene.

When I was a child, clowns were entertaining. My mom was a clown.

I'm an adult today, and I have put away childish things.

Clowns are scary as bat snot.



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