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June 06, 2007


I would add Stairway to Heaven. Maybe My Heart Will Go On although Celine Dion is a little campy.

Your Song, Candle in the Wind - Elton John
Dream On - Aerosmith
In My Life - Beatles

Songs are such a subjective thing. You have a grand list and I'd not deign to suggest anything but what you've written as it is truly yours and yours alone.

I agree that Candle in the Wind should be on this list.

Keith -- Candle in the Wind is a great choice, especially since he remade it for Princess Diana.

angles - robbie williams

You all are fucking idiots this list aint shit with out
I Have Nothing- Whitney Houston

Hi, honestly I think your list is way skewed towards rock and pop music. If you're looking for emotion in music, start with the soul, blues, country, and gospel genres, each of which is generally believed to carry emotion more readily than rock and roll.

A couple of quick examples would be "What More Can I Say" and "Either Way I Lose" both from Nina Simone's 1964 LP, "Wild Is The Wind", and "All Over Again" from B.B. King's 1999 compilation "King of the Blues".

i like

a drop in the ocean - ron pope


how to save a life - the fray
(it seems upbeat but it makes a lot of people emotional)

goodbye - mariah carey
sort of counts as emotional ?

the beatles- hey jude

the police- i'll be watching you

James Blunt- goodbye my lover

James Blunt- you're beautiful

Tupac- dear mama

good list though

annie lennox in to the west.
this song carried me through my fathers death. its deep and comforting at the same time. it still moves to this day. and its a song if you knew me you wouldn't expect.

i can't believe tears in heaven by eric clapton isn't on here. It's about is freakin kid falling out a window and dying!

Don Henley - End of Innocence. is a great song.

Kellie Picker - I wonder

Mike + The Mechanics - The Living Years

"Hallelujah" the Jeff Buckley version. Sade "by your side"

No Mad World by Gary Jules?

Hurt- Christina Aguilera

when u told me that u love me,by westlife

i think candle in the wind should be added here.
also songs like tears in heaven and in my life., imagine(the beatles),

Maggie by colin hey

What Hurts The Most- Rascall Flatts

Concrete angel
Martina McBride.
Song makes me cry every time

(everything i do)i do it for you- bryan adams

Bryan Adams- heaven

My way- Frank Sinatra.. maybe?

Richie Havens - Freedom

Edith Piaf - Non, Je ne regrette rien
Buena vista social club - chan chan

The Beatles - Let it be

LOVE this list, these songs strike the right chord with me
some other songs that put me in this same mood are
Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
Beatles - Here comes the sun

the goo goo dolls - iris

hello i have no idea what i am doing on this website lol im lost!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!

you guys are douche...seriously more than half songs songs are watse!

OH shit
Jeremy-Pearl Jam
So far away-Avenged Sevenfold
Wish you were here-Pink Floyd
Into the Sky-Black Tide
Emotional doesnt mean that it has to be a love song, emotional means a song that gives a deep message, that the lyrics can touch your heart, for example you have a friend that comited suicide because of depression the perfect song is Jeremy, or you have someone who died too early So far away matches

evanescence- my immortal, that would make most top 10 lists for emotional songs. I also like:
Alanis morrisette- you learn
Ed Sheeran- the a team
David Gray- this years love
Linkin Park- Numb
Ben.E King- stand by me
Daniel Merriweather- red

I could go on with loads, but each to their own. good list, theres quite a few i like there, green day spot on

I like that someone said My Immortal and someone else said Mad World, Gary Jules. Amazing Grace, Elvis verion. In My Life or For No One are tied for Beatles' songs for me. Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley. Instead of I Have Nothing I would have said All at Once by Whitney Houston.
But I do like a lot of this list. All the ones I know, at least.

this list is broken.
no chance that black by pearl jam
is not a member of the list.
also lucky by radiohead.

good day.

Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine.

Gets me every time.

Eminem - cleaning out my closet

The Beatles- Yesterday
Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends
blink-182- Adam's Song

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