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July 13, 2007


You should also listen to the Song Remains the Same. It's a good example of his ability to sound as good live as on record. Bonham simply rocked!

I would put John Bonham above Neil Peart, but I think it's only relative to the style of music you like. You should also consider Buddy Rich and Ginger Baker.

How about'em. John Henry Bonham.
His drumming style was by far the
best.He had the ability to go off
in different directions with a turn around to bring it all back
together.He was the worlds best
rock drummer that ever lived.It's
been almost 27 years since his untimely death and he's still rated in the top 3.he was the best
and is still considered by millions as #1 who could argue?
He's been imitated but never duplicated.John Henry Bonham.R.I.P.

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