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August 20, 2007


Oh my gosh - so neat that you got to hear and see it's last moments. I looked over yesterday and could not find it, but figured the other trees had just filled it - I could not imagine the landscape without it. I will miss it too - thanks for the pictures.

Yes, Lisa, I feel lucky that I actually got to get a final picture with a rainbow (which was actually a double rainbow). And if I hadn't seen it fall, I would have wondered what happened.

We have a a couple of bigleaf maple trees on our back bank, mixed in with lots of fir, alder, and cedar. One of the maples is slowly dying. It is a sad reminder of mortality, but it also evidences great beauty and strength. Right now, it's warming up for another conflagration of spectacular autumn colors.

May your white birch rest in peace. It was good of you to give it an eloquent eulogy.

We lost our birch tree last year to disease. We had to have it cut down and chipped. It was very sad, but it was completely dead. I will say it opens up our front yard, but at the same time, the birch tree was a major selling point of the house for us. At least you got to be there when it fell.

I'm sorry about your white birch. What a loss. Though nowhere near as majestic as yours we too lost one this year right in front of our cottage--part of the lake view for decades.
Other white birches seem sick and dying too. We have quite a few at the Lake and I'm not sure if they have reached ther life span or are diseased or maybe both.
I remember as a kid having the desire to peel the beautiful white bark off.
I say "desire" because every one of us knew that our grandfather would have our hides if we ever did.

P.S. That is a lovely photograph, Dan--an outstanding view!

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