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September 27, 2007


Late September, 1972... I was also in Lake Katrine. It was the end of my first month as an eighth-grader at M. Clifford Miller Junior High School. Mr. Bunker's math class was already killing me with tedium. But Mr. Gallagher's art class was cool. He played drums in a rock band called "Dick Bertling's Ketchup". He had a haircut like Ken Burns.

Nostalgia, Scott, and a great memory. I also had Mr. Bunker for math and he was tough. Kind of a short guy with black hair and thick glasses. I wonder if Dick Bertling's Ketchup is still playing gigs.

Hmm... I'm guessing Ketchup passed its expiration date long ago!

Bunker... greasy, plastered black hair and a pimply purple neck with 5:00 shadow at 10AM. I had him three years in a row; an anomaly we were assured was impossible – but it happened to me. It didn’t set me up very well for high school math. But hey, I’m over it!

Great essay--truly a you are there feel.
But...you skipped school?!
I am completely aghast. Seriously. I had no idea that you were such a "bad" boy.

We didn't skip that often - just enough to create some great memories.

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