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October 11, 2007


Suicide Kings as No. 1!!!!! Finally, someone who understands movies. THANK-you.

No Taxi Driver?!?

No Taxi Driver?!?
Perhaps you are thinking of the stage version?
'Twas DeNiro or Harvey Keitel. No Chris Walken.

Strangely, this generation is probably going to remember him for "more cowbell" on SNL.
I can't watch really violent films but I loved him in Dead Zone.

He had a five minute part in Pulp Fiction that stays with me. It's hilarious! He's not known as a comedian but he has a good comic sense.

What nobody liked him in The Deer Hunter???
(see how I used proper internet punctuation ??? of course means I REALLY question it).

He's an amazing actor. And great on SNL!

His part in Pulp Fiction is great. Don't forget Wedding Crashers. And, obviously, "I need more cowbell."

Agreed on his "Pulp Fiction" role, but he wasn't in the movie long enough.

I'm many months late to this post, but True Romance is perhaps Mr. Walken's finest hour. One of the best written scenes ever between two all time greats. My compliments on King of New York, which is a masterpiece.

And the jester sang with the king and queen, in a coat he borrowed from James Dean.

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