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November 24, 2007


How about Metallica's first album, or Aerosmith.

I kind of think "Master of Puppets" is better than Metallica's debut, and I would put "Rocks" or "Toys" over Aerosmith's debut.

Agree on Aerosmith --"Toys" the best, IMO. I was really big into them, almost embarassingly so.
I agree on everything else you've said too, though some I'm less familiar with.
Boston was a real disappointment--they rose to such heights--then petered out. Of course you've got big staffing changes with Cream affecting the consistancy of quality, too. Not a very steady lot, the rock n' rollers are. :)
P.S. I just scored very nice seats (face value!--still a hundred a pop) for Bruce in Milwaukee in March. I'm stoked!

I must say in the Pretenders defence and I know this is weak ;)--they never could have replicated the sound of the first album as literally half the band was dead of drugs by then.

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