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November 17, 2007


I love wearing glasses. I used to wear contacts and then briefly considered getting lasik but my glasses are a protective layer from the world. (Am I the only one who feels that way? :) When I take them off in public I feel completely naked.

I actually agree with that, Poppy. I feel a little naked without them. They are a pain when it rains though.

I didn't have glasses until a couple of years ago. Now I need them because my aging eyes can't adjust quickly between near, mid, and far. I wear progressives. They work well for clearly seeing things at varying distances. But I hate the tunnel vision effect. It drives me crazy that my peripheral vision is totally whack when I'm wearing my glasses. I have to say that, for me, glasses are more like a necessary evil than a godsend. Still, I am thankful for them.

That's very cute of your daughter.
Kids are ever-curious as you know.
But it's cool to see the world through their eyes.

Ah, little baby fingerprints on your glasses -- the mark of being a parent. :) I used to wear glasses all the time but now wear contacts and love them. But I know what you mean about the protective layer.

Poppy, totally agree! I have worn glasses since I was 4 and half, almost 30 years now. I SWEAR I can feel the wind on my eyes on a windless day when I don't wear them. I do feel like they are a protective layer (even though I have to wash them 2 - 3 times a day)!

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