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November 14, 2007


I agree that the MBTA hasn't figured it out, but IMHO, they don't have enough cars, at least on the B Line. There's a lot of waiting and the cars are crowded.

Part of the problem with getting an outbound Lechmere trolley is that only one of the 4 branches (the E branch) goes all the way out to Lechmere. There used to be two branches that made the full route, back before Lechmere was closed for renovations. Having the Green Line's trolleys make longer runs would be part of the solution.

Ah, the haunted mine ride of the T. I believe it's the only line that people still drive. Sorry you have to deal with it daily, Dan.

If you want to feel better about your situation in Boston, take a look at Seattle's light-rail debacle of recent years. Government ineptitude is a many-splendored thing...

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