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December 19, 2007


I agree with you. The commuter rail heading in and out of Boston has degraded considerably over the last few months. I think ontime pertformance is something like 50%.

The 7:44 from Mansfield is a very popular train and usually has seven double-decker cars. This morning it had five SINGLE level cars. When it got to Mansfield it was so crowded the conductors didn't even open the doors. We had to wait for the 8:07 train, which was about 10 minutes late. I didn't get to Boston until 9:15. Of course this trip probably doesn't qualify for the trip refund because the 7:44 was on time--I just couldn't get on it! I just can't depend on the Commuter Rail anymore. Last night I missed the first part of my 6th grade daughter's holiday concert because the train was late (the 5:40 from South Station). It seems like most of the trains that I take now are late or delayed. The system has really fallen apart this fall. Maybe if they collected the fares regularly they would have some money for improvements. Until then, I'm switching to 12-Ride tickets. At least then about half my trips will be free!

I'm a commuter who takes the Worcester-Framingham line into Boston. I agree with Fred - the conductors need to collect the fares. I get to pay $250 a month for my commuter rail pass and I am steamed at the number of times the conductors on my line do not collect fares. If I want to donate to charity, I would like to choose my charity and not subsidize other people's commutes. The train service on the Worcester-Framingham line has never been ideal, but it has deteriorated this year. I personally think the conductors are still on a "silent strike." Massachusetts needs a sound commuter rail system. I've heard people from other cities complain about their Metros or Trains, but nothing compares to the ineptness of the MBTA.

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