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December 14, 2007


That album is a treasure. I found it out of sequence: Close to the Edge was my first great bonding experience with Yes. After that, I went backward to Fragile and forward to Relayer. It took me a while to dig all the way back to The Yes Album. (And I only just connected with Tales of Topographic Oceans a couple of years ago.)

You make a great point about cassettes, Dan -- sometimes the crappiness enhances the nostalgia (for lack of a better word).

'77 was a transitional year for me too; leaving KHS behind and moving to Nyack College. Big change...

Great, great album. Big changes for you that year. Glad they were for the better. Big changes for me too--graduated high school. Music from that time will forever be etched upon my rock n'roll soul.

Scott, Cyn - glad you both can relate. Music creates a bond.

Haven't listened to The Yes Album in years. Time to dust off the vinyl!

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