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January 23, 2008


I don't know. My life was just getting going then. But I definitely did have some deep and dark times along the way to now.

I think there are some people who can't handle success and don't have an answer on how to deal with it. Autopsy report comes out today so we'll see what he did.

kurt cobain did not die from a drug overdose.

I don't think HL had a problem with success. He was manic about his craft (he's had trouble sleeping since delving deep into the role of the Joker) and was reportedly suffering from pneumonia. I don't think he was hell-bent on killing himself. I think this was probably a tragic accident.

Poppy - you embrace life and you know it.

Gwen - it's a mystery, the human pysche.

No name - no one said Cobian died from a drug overdose. But he did give up on life in the form of a gun.

Fornya - sad, regardless of how it happened.

I heard that his sleeping problems actually started when delving deep into his bob dylan character

Kaye - I would not be surprised. From what I'm reading, he spent a lot of time getting into his characters.

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