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January 07, 2008


Don't forget the Charger and the Barracuda. Unique designs with lots of power.

I'm afraid that to some degree, for better or worse, aerodynamics have come into play to help improve fuel efficiency. The closer everyone gets to the holy grail of aerodynamic efficiency (with relation to the size of the car), the more "same" they will become. Modern safety standards, with the space and extra weight that come with them, also help shape the car towards that end. I'm sure the work Ford put into re-launching the retro-styled Mustang a few years ago started well before anyone thought gas would hit $3.00 a gallon as soon as it did. But hey, we're Americans, and V8 excess is generally the norm, hence the myriad of gigantic SUVs and pick-up trucks as big as my living room out there.

Heh. You can get lime-green Bugs (even better, you can pay somebody in the Boston area to put black spots on a red Bug). Also, you can get this weird green Prius, which would give you a double shot of uniqueness, I guess, as you drive your weird green giant egg thing around town.

Seth - how could I forget the Charger and the Barracuda? Those were two of my favorite HotWheels.

Wefo - thanks for the technical analysis. Does this have anything to do with keeping a smooth line making sure you don't scrub your speed into the bends?

Adam - thanks for the consumer tip. I think I may have seen a few of those putt-putting around in the Fens the other day.

It's the same sort of safe-playing that has neutered the music industry. Everybody imitates whatever sold well last month; novelty is sacrificed at the desk (read: altar

Hmm... something went askew with the last part of that sentence! It should be...
"Novelty is sacrificed at the desk (read: altar) of the bean-counter.

Yes, Scott, as Cyndi Lauper says, "Money changes everything."

John Henry Bonham

Why is everyone typing in italics?

My Mustang GT is Zinc Yellow. :)
Great colour for those that serve and protect to spot.
However, not a single ticket in almost 5 years!

Blandness in car design is epidemic, I agree.
I first really noticed with the minivan. They were everywhere. Now it's SUV's. Yup. It's time to move on.

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