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January 10, 2008


Doh! C'mon, the Seahawks at least have to cover, don't they?

It's funny -- I've had a bad feeling about the 'Hawks since they caughed up that game in Arizona early on. I thought they'd find a way to let the NFC West slip away (not easily done with such terrible competition).

But this week something is different; maybe it's that the pressure is entirely off now. Nobody gives them a chance. I think the Giants are coming to Seattle next week.

Scott - who knows, you could be right. I knew they would have no trouble with the Redskins last week (although, you could argue the game was closer than the final score). I just think the Packers are on a mission this season. I don't see Seattle winning this one and the Packers have been putting up some big numbers. Enjoy the game, though!

You're right -- last week was way closer than the score implies. I expect this one to be a defensive game. Field position and field goals -- point total less than 23.

Giants, Patriots, Colts and Seahawks all advance. Giants-Patriots Super Bowl.

In this case it is very small consolation to have been half right.

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