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January 01, 2008


Happy New Year and best wishes to you and those you love for a healthy and happy new year!!!
I just wrote a huge comment with 4 queries about your resolutions--then it went *pouf* when I forgot the CAPTCHA.
I shall return...

When I had a TV I yelled at it all the time. You can watch Deal or No Deal online, I think? and yell at it there instead!

In my adult life I have found a passion for insects, so I will enjoy your posts about them.

Happy New Year!

Cyn - I appreciate your effort!

Poppy - There are many greedy idiots on "Deal or No Deal." Some of these people have the intelligence of a tsetse fly.

Some queries about your positive bullets:

Drink more French white wine

Is French wine still expensive compared to others? Are there any other wines (from any country) that are similar to French white wine or is, as I suspect, French white wine unique?

Work out four days a week

Good, realistic goal. Best on this!

Read two F. Scott Fitzgerald novels

Did someone suggest this? Are you a non-fan of Fitzgerald novels and are thinking of "converting"?

Buy an acoustic guitar

Totally awesome. Just keep it away from the eyeglasses lover. :)

Wear mismatched socks from time to time

This is great. Once I had two pairs of shoes, identical except one pair were navy and the other black. One day I was in a hurry to get to my office and sure enough, wore mismatched shoes. For half the day people snickered but no one told me! So from then on, every once in a while I'd wear them mismatched on purpose. The snickers turned to quizzical looks.
Much better. :D

Cyn - French white wine is probably no better than what California or Italy has to offer — I just haven't really tried much of it.

I will hit my workout goals — 48 and buff in '08!

F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorite writers — I just haven't read everything.

Agreed on the acoustic guitar. I will keep it in a safe place.

Cool shoe story. People need to relax. Some days, I may even skip the socks.

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