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January 05, 2008


Interesting observation. I never really notice other links on peoples blogs but I can see your point.

You do what I do and don't have blog links. But don't visit, I write about my kids now and then.

If I don't like a relationship with a blogger I don't owe them anything so I drop them. I used to be hurt when people did this to me and used to feel conflict over doing it to others, but now I acknowledge it's just like friendship that isn't going anywhere so time to end it.

Karen - I won't ask you to help me with any usability studies.

Tutu - it's not that I don't like pictures of kids — I have a 2-year-old. I just don't like to see them exploited as "content." Maybe I'm a bit paranoid. Fatherhood is not easy. I actually enjoy your blog — it has a nice mix of editorial/creative and is not overdone.

Poppy - agreed. Life is short. Love the one you're with, and if they're not with you, move on.

Dan, thanks for articulating these thoughts. You've brought to the surface some things I've mulled over but never put into words. Well done!

Choose your friends carefully, Scott.:)

Dan: Do you realize how nervous this post made me?
I was scanning your list of off-putting blog characteristics and mentally checking it against my blog.
Exhale. I think I'm okay. I hope.
Good post. Blogging, especially the kind of long-term-commitment-type blogging that we both do, can get difficult in all the ways you mention and more.
I find it very difficult to clean house, as it were. I have four blogs now and the Typepad blog is the less active one of the two(!)
You are the only blogger I visit outside of Vox. I completely understand the reciprocity component to blogging. It's just not as easy as it looks--though with blogs like yours it's well worth it. Cheers!

No worries, Cyn. I love your blog. You're one of the originals.

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