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February 20, 2008


I would agree with most of these but I would have Garrett higher. I think he's going to be a star.

I like Jason Castro but I am afraid he is too mellow. But he is different and memorable so he will probably make it. Plus he gets the hippie vote--that is if they vote.

Castro was the best. I predict he'll win the whole thing.

Sandy - um, I don't think so.

Tutu - one Castro is out, another one is in. Jason lives.

George - see above.

There is no way that David Cook is as low as you have him. He had the most memorable performance and he is in the top 3. Johns shouldn't even be allowed on the show. He is a 29 year old who has already had a record contract and David A. had a $100,000 paycheck at the age of 12.

Casey - David Cook is OK, but I don't see him going deep into the competition. Michael Johns is pretty good, but he's not even close to Chris Daughtry.

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