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February 27, 2008


You have David Cook higher this week. I thought he was great.

The best singer in this group is Luke, but the judges aren't giving him a chance. Singing Queen is a risk but he did well.

I am so much more impressed with the guys this year overall than I have been any of the other seasons.

I actually liked a lot of the performances last night...

i don't particularly want michael johns to remain in the competition much longer- i find him a bit arrogant- but i think it should be noted that johns wasn't singing stevie nicks; he was singing a fleetwood mac song (poorly, i might add) that lindsey buckingham wrote and sang lead vocal on. i also thought david cook's attitude was quite awful. i'd like him to go soon, but not before jaason yeager.

Mike - I stand corrected. That is a Lindsey Buckingham vocal, not Stevie Nicks. Thanks for the clarification.

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