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February 08, 2008


Time you considered a switch to DirecTV which I was so happy to do a year and 1/2 ago to get away from Time Warner Cable's monopoly in my area. DTV even comes in a 3 in 1 pack w/ Verizon in my area. Maybe yours too! Plus, DTV has approx. 100 HD channels.

PLEASE tell me you did the BBB submission that deserves to be done.

On behalf of Comcast, I apologize for the difficulties you have experienced. I would like to assist you in resolving this. Please feel free to email me at frank_eliason at cable.comcast.com. Please include your name, address, and a contact phone number.

Thank you for being a Comcast Customer!

Frank Eliason
Comcast Executive Offices

"Comcast Cares" - give me a break!

Tim - thanks for the DirecTV tip.

Poppy - it's on a short list of things to do this weekend.

Frank - I don't deal with customer service issues through my blog. Send me the name and number of someone in the Chelmsford office and I'll follow up with them. Funny how two hours on the phone and two thoughtful letters gets me nowhere, but a blog post gets a response.

I was unable to locate an email address or other contact information on your website. That is the reason for the post. You can contact the Executive Support Staff in Massachusetts at the following number:
1-888-309-2583 or you can contact my office at 215-640-8960.

Thank you for being a Comcast Customer!

Frank Eliason
Comcast Executive Offices

Sorry for your troubles, Dan.
You must be hitting a top spot in the search engines for the Comcastic Exec dude to post.
Comcast is a monopoly. Deregulation didn't work.
We are at their mercy for the triple package, too.
Best of luck with "Comcast Cares." Let us know how it went when you have a moment. :)

OK - an update on this. I called the number Frank Eliason provided and spoke with Comcast's John Swanson. While he was pleasant enough, he asked me to walk through my issues and confirm specifics. Given that this was my fourth conversation with Comcast regarding its billing error, I answered a few questions and faxed him a copy of the letter I've been sending with my monthly payments that has all of the details.

This nearly a week ago and I have not heard back. Not even a confirmation that he received the fax. A black hole. And surprise, surprise -- Comcast cashed the checks we sent to keep our service turned on. We've overpaid by $220 and are where we were before.


And I've given up. Comcast stole $220 from us. It's no longer good ROI on my time to fight this.

The exec didn't even resolve such an obvious issue...I'm so sorry for you. Your blog page now tops the "comcast customer service" google search. If any law firm is watching, here's your chance at another class action suit.

So far all I've seen is lip service by comcastcares but I have yet to see if anyone has ever received a solution.

My friend recently turned in his cable box on moving, and was given a recipt and told to hang on to it. A few months later they call and ask if he still has his receipt, he does, and faxes it to them.

Now (as of the end of May 08) they've ruined his credit over a 250 charge for a box he returned about a year ago.

Once we do find the receipt this is going to get uglier.

Similar problem for me. I would love to switch to anything other than comcast but its a 500$ fee to put a dish on my apartment building. Comcast has a monopoly on cable and internet. They are a bunch of crooks. Every month I have a new charge for some made up service. In the past 4 months there has been 4 incorrect charges that have total more than $500. It is insane that a company can get away with this. I honestly think they add charges to people's bills because one in a hundred people probably pay it and don't think there being scammed. It would be one thing if it were excellent service, but its the opposite. My internet is always cutting out. COMCAST IS A SCAM!!!!

Very definitely, COMCAST is the worst fraud in the recent history. It is obvious that they have a policy of overcharging and a policy of never correcting their (probably deliberate) mistakes. At the same time they keep raising monthly fees and cutting services, slowly but deliberately. They are so incompetent that their web site does not seem to ever work properly, even for making one-time online payments (and this is the website of an internet provider). They want the frustrated customers to switch to automatic withdrawals from their bank accounts and credit cards -- these options always work OK. Witness this Frank from "executive offices": any other official of any decent company would consider it a matter of professional integrity to resolve the matter immediately -- not in Comcast. The problem is the monopoly, of course, but it is noteworthy that their DirectTV competitors seem to prefer to adopt the Comcast's practice of outrageous customer service instead of trying to win over more Comcast's customers by providing a much better service.

I have now contacted Comcast 4 times (today 29 May 2012) to request an equipment return box. Of course, they can't send me the $90 refund I was due as of the date of service cancellation, instead they have sold a collection action against me for $120. Comcast-Carroll County md.
So, did anyone ever follow-up with that class action lawsuit? A lot of my new neighbors are lawyers...

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