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February 01, 2008


Hmm. Nice list. Not what you would expect. No Dylan or Neil Young are big omissions.

And so it begins...or should I say continues...

John Henry Bonham

I'm impressed that you would even undertake the creation of such a list! I wouldn't know where to start... But if I did, I definitely wouldn't know where to end!

Long story on the list, Scott. Basically, it's a collaborative effort by my college roommate and me. If I had my druthers, Quadrophenia would be No. 1 and Pepper and Dark Side would be higher. I also would have Revolver over Rubber Soul. But we had rules and unless an album was mentioned by both parties, it got bumped low or did not make the list. A song from the album had to be featured on one of our Burning Sessions (http://steelkaleidoscopes.typepad.com/burning_sessions) as well. If it wasn't, the album was not qualified. I'm happy with the list but there are some obvious omissions (and I'm sure my roommate would say the same thing).

No Ozzy?!? Black Sabbath is good, but Ozzy took that sound to a whole new level. What about Blizzard of Oz? Big omission. There should atleast be some Iron Maiden here as well.

I get surprised each time I see
Surrealistic Pillow so well-regarded. I hope this is one you and your college roommate agree on. I like it a lot. :)
I see however that some folks can't help but pick nits. :p

I also would have Revolver over Rubber Soul.
I agree with you and had a intense discussion with a music history teacher about that point.

As much as I see it's merits I wouldn't have picked Born To Run as the sole representation of Springsteen in part because he was very unhappy with what was done with the material before it was released.

Nice of you to put a Canadian band on the top. Whoulda' thunk? ;)

Frank - you can't be serious that Ozzy solo is better than Black Sabbath.

Cyn - Darkness and the River are worthy Springsteen choices, but this is a collaborative list and my college roommate is not a Springsteen fan. Glad you like Rush on top. Farewell to Kings is about as perfect a studio album as you can get.

Let's get one thing straight. Not having the Beach BOys on this list is plain crap. If you're going to truly represent the last four decades of rock -- which it looks like you're doing -- you need to have Pet Sounds here. Unbelievable!

Tom - it's a list. Lighten up, McGraw.

I don't know who u r but your picks r right up my alley.I only wish i could make these list like u do. Thank you for posting these really great list.

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