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March 28, 2008


Dan -- I posted something about your dad here.

Awww, sweetie. :(

((((hugs!)))) to you and yours.

I'm sorry, Dan. He seems like a special person.

Dan, our thoughts and prayers are w/ you and your family this week and beyond. I have always enjoyed your comments and stories about your family and the closeness you all have as I can relate to it so very easily. We are truly blessed to have this.

Tim and Anne

Scott - thanks for the tribute. It's heartfelt.

Poppy - thanks for the hugs.

Christine - thanks for your kind words.

Capp - I could not agree more. And thanks for those sentiments.

He's got the greatest eyes. Framed by full eyebrows and edged with gentle creases, the twinkle in Rev. Miller's eyes reveal a man that is clearly present with those he loves.

I'm deeply sorry for you and your family's loss.


Cyn - thanks for the beautiful words about my dad. He was a treasure.

Celebrating his life at the church service gave me cause for reflection . . .
For me, the word “pastor” evokes your dad’s visage; he will always retain that role for me. I believe that all the congregants of Glenerie Chapel are benefactors of your father’s efforts; his message touched each and every member. Though my mother chided us for not listening to his sermons, I know in my soul that despite our prepubescent fun (clean-cuts v. longhairs, pink socks, polyester pam & greaser r), the import of your dad’s ministry still resonates. That is, our common experience is our humanness, and for each of us, the quest toward self-actualization comes only through loyalty to core philosophical tenets, which include: love of humanity – family, friends and enemies; charity to community; and application of the “golden rule.” I’ve come to realize the value your father’s gift to our former society and to cherish the memories of those times; the experiences form the bedrock of my being.
Merci beaucoup, Pastor Miller!
(Sorry for the long-winded post)

Wonderful words, Paula. Thanks for sharing. I think my dad would have been humbled by your prose.

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