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April 28, 2008


I bought these exact headphones a year ago and can't even listen to music through anything else. They are superior to any other headphones out there.

I have these two... But I had to stop wearing them in the office. I couldn't hear people talking to me.

Chad - agreed.

The Missus - is that such a bad thing?:)

I almost bought a pair recently; practicality won out and I went for an external hard-drive instead. You're making me second-guess my choice...

go here and I think you can put it in your itunes>ipod

Widespread Panic--Raleigh--4/26/08
she http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWXgQfpewVA
played most of the second set--pretty good to listen to on your way home--kind of loud for morning
BTW, I think Schools should be in your top 10 bass players

I just got a set of these myself and I'm amazed. I had a set of Sony noise-cancelling headphones as well, which were great. But I can't believe the clarity and bass response of the Bose headphones.

The in-ear phones are great too -- perfect for at the gym.

Scott - go for it. Splurge.

Tutu - thanks for the link. Loud is good in the morning.

Jay - Bose simply rocks. Especially in the gym.

Sweet. Life's luxuries come in many sizes, shapes, and functions.

Yes they do.

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