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April 24, 2008


I agree with you. I think society has changed with its attitude toward smoking. Look at France. The whole country has adopted this and Paris is one of the most smoke-filled cities in the world. Times are better.

It's pretty obvious that smokers are in the minority now. This isn't the 60s when everyone seemed to be smoking.

I have nothing against smokers either but I'm so glad that the next time I want to catch some live music I won't come home smelling like a nightclub.

I have nothing against smok-ERS either. But I'm about as anti-smok-ING as you can get and am very proud I am the only person in my immediate family who never smoked. I don't get up in other people's business about smoking, but as an asthmatic and a new mom, I choose to stay away from it. Can't believe people actually smoked in the workplace at one time.

Sandy - poof.

Kendra - rah.

Cyn - amen.

Christine - but they actually did.

I have nothing against smokers either...I just hate their ever living guts, the no-good, weak willed, coughing, wheezing, 'bacca smelling and coffee-stained fingered fools.

If you want the rest of the world to conform to what you consider to be right, then perhaps you'd consider a move to Singapore (where they put a cane to your ass for chewing gum).

Liberty and freedom mean having some degree of tolerance for the choices of others. Even those you personally disagree with.

Note: I am not a smoker. Were I, you might discount my opinion because the opinions of smokers as we all know are inferior to those of non-smokers.

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