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May 21, 2008


as much as I want David Cook to win he will probably be better off not winning. He won't have the contractual obligations and can do his own thing. I will buy his album but not Archuletta's. He just doesn't do anything for me. Same with Jason Castro, I liked him he was just out of his league but I bet he will put out a fun album and I will buy it too.

I'm glad you compared David Archuleta to Clay Aiken - they both have probably been the best singers ever on Idol. I agree that Archuleta will win but I have to admit that David Cook came on strong in the second half of the season. He deserved to be in the final.

I don't know -- DialIdol and other sources have David Cook winning. I voted for him about five times last night.

I just hope he doesn't get Bo Biced with an awful pop-rock album. Even though Bo was a songwriter, he only got to co-write one song on his first album. That's scary.

Archuleta definitely had the best performances of the night -- DLTSGDOM was AMAZING and his best performance yet. But I think that Cook may have garnered more votes, and nobody can deny that he had the better overall season.

(And "The World That I Know"? Cookie, come on. Great song, and he sang it well, but it's such a downer! Can you imagine him singing that if he wins?!)

In conclusion: Cookie for the win.

Fancy seeing you in the blogosphere, by the way!

I only watched the recap at the end, as I was busy with the baby. But I thought Archie was a bit more soulful. I bet he wins. But I agree Cook deserves it more.

Tutu - I could not agree more. And look what happened. Rock on!

ClayFan - Archuleta will make a record you'll love.

Kate - thanks for voting. You made a difference, along with 12 million others. Cook rocks. Glad he won.

Christine - America got it right. Bo and Chris led the way.

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