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May 22, 2008



I have said all along that David Cook would win. It is a tribute to his personality that he won. David Archuleta came across as kind oa babyish and not ready for the big stage. Besides the stuff with his dad probably hurt him.

I'm sad this morning. I wanted David Archuleta. It was a good final.

It was a surprise to me as well, especially after the judges burried Cook on Tuesday.

Personally, I love Archuleta's voice, and I thought that on Tuesday, he was the better performer. But I would have been happy with either guy winning. They seem like they're both great people and they both deserve to have music careers.

Good for him.

Tutu: Of course.

Sutherland: Dad didn't help.

Karen: Many cried. It's OK.

Joshua: Agreed. Both are very talented.

Christine: A rocker prevails, finally. Must have been Mariah Carey week.

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