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April 15, 2009


I think Kris and Danny were better than Adam last night but I agree that Adam is the one to beat. I thought Alison was pretty good but she's not going get past the top 3.

Adam rules.

Adam is the best thing to ever happen to this show. Finally we have someone who isn't afraid to shake things up a bit and bring uniqueness onto the stage. God, he should obviously win but my greatest fear is that dead wife gokey will get WAY to many sympathy votes and have a defeat over Adam. If god loves me he will let Adam win and danny lose a painful loss. Nothing would please me more than seeing gokey cry because all of his dead wife pimping didn't pay off in the end. Adam also has the superior voice and unlike gokey doesn't sound like he had a frog stuck in his thraot the entire time. I hate gokey. Adam for the win. You better crush gokey and make him cry. That is all!!

You were absolutely right!

i think you so correct on your predictions.

Thought this was average and boring. The smoky jazz man is about to leave the building.

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