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April 17, 2009


I saw Hell Toupee a few times. I think it was a Green Street Station show. I may have seen them at a club in Stoughton(?) as well. They played with Dogzilla I think.

Is Chip from Pittsburgh?

Is Gold from Africa?

A bit late but... yes, Chip from Pittsburgh.
Gold could be from Africa but Gold is not in the band.
The guy in the middle is Mike, he's the drummer and is originally from Rochester,NY. Rock Till You Rot.

Chip - thanks for your comment. I actually roomed with Mike (Gold is his nickname) in college and again in Allston on Westford Street in the mid- to late-80s. I remember you, Billy and Mike heading off for rehearsal all the time. I saw Hell Toupee several times, including the Rath.

I just visited Mike in Nashville and Billy is coming over for our annual summer party this weekend.

Rock 'Til You Rot, indeed!

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