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May 20, 2009


Adam should win, but I think Kris has a bigger fan base. He probably picked up the Danny Goeke votes.

Adam is hands-down the better of the two. There is NO WAY Kris will win. Not a chance.

You would make a pretty bad bookie. If the odds on Adam are 2-1, that means he has a 1/3 chance to win. The odds on Kris is 5-1, which means he has a 1/6 chance to win. That means there is a 3/6 chance that neither of them will win? Or, if you really were a bookie, it means that you are skimming a full 50% of the gate.

Anyway, it was so predictably obvious that Adam wouldn't win. The show pretty reliably steers toward mediocrity. Kris has a bit more appeal than some of the other past male winners.

Adam probably should have a career somewhere. Last night's show demonstrated that he could probably fill Freddy Mercury's shoes for Queen if they wanted him, and he's too good for Kiss even though he fit right in with them (despite lacking in the tongue department).

Karen - ah well.

Caryn - whoops.

Duffy - good points. Adam will sell more records than Kelly Clarkson.

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