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May 06, 2009


Allison could go because she's not as good as the guys who are left. I think the judges want to keep her around which is why they picked on Kris. The only one who really should be safe is Adam.

Once again, Adam blows everyone away. It's Adam and Allison in the final.

I feel like Allison's departure was staged. She was compared to Chris Daughtry, though, so that means she has an awesome career ahead of her!

PS since this was still on my screen this morning - I have a small crush on Adam's stage presence. I tend to do that with artists -- adore them when they are performing, and giggle like a little school girl. None of the others do that for me. Considering who's left over, he is the natural choice as winner. I am SO happy that one week where Simon thought he was awful didn't knock him out. And I am SO impressed with the voting quantities this year!

Carla - you were right.

Sarah - agreed.

Poppy - I would not doubt Allison was staged. Simon's comments hurt their chances and I am glad to see Adam was not affected. If he doesn't win, the world is upside down.

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