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August 28, 2009


Ah, we feel your pain on all the other lines. I ride Kingston and the whole train often seems like one big party. Yesterday two women sat right next to each other and proceeded to scream an entire conversation. I just crank up my music. I'll switch from Wilco to Rage Against the Machine. I have read stories about other commuters asking the people to tone it done but I feel like you never know who is carrying a weapon.

I take the same train, Fitchburg #404, in the mornings. A few months ago, a group of middle-aged women relocated from the forward car to the one I usually sit in. They seem to be a highly caffeinated bunch. My formerly quiet, meditative commute has been transformed into the set of 'The View'--complete with long, shrill jags of high-volume cackling.
I think the MBCR should have a dedicated "Quiet Car", where cell phone use is prohibited and conversations must be kept to a whisper!

Holden - Jim Steele would agree. Rage works just fine.

Tom - you get it.

This is why I adore my UNDERGROUND train ride, in NYC, where they make you think no signal can reach there so the phones just magically don't work. (Unlike Washington D.C. ...)

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