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October 21, 2009


Apologizing, IMHO, is a sign of strength and security, not weakness. Sounds like you buy into that "macho" (sorry!) corporate stuff pretty strongly. But still question it as it may be at odds with your personal beliefs.

If you feel vulnerable when you apologize, you might want to reflect a bit more deeply on the real intentions of an apology.

Accident or not in your "dream" a simple apology would have been a very humane and human thing to do. One doesn't give it because it's expected or demanded, but because it's being polite (and hopefullly sincere) and well-mannered.

The world would be a far better place if people did in fact apologize.

I dunno. As a product of Catholic school, I don't regret giving an apology. And no, I don't apologize just to do it, particularly if I don't feel it is warranted.

Maybe you should have just uttered a quick Italian "scusi" as you kicked in the sandcastle wall.

Stella - good, thoughtful response.

I do usually err on the side of apology. It's in my nature.

But sometimes when I make the gesture, I don't find that it's necessary or appreciasted.

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