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March 24, 2010


You are right on. While technology has given us so many more opportunities to connect, it can be overwhelming.

Twittle dum, twittle dee.

We have personal and professional lives. We already spend hours a day online for work and other reasons.

We need time and energy for those already in our lives so we don't "do" social media, despite the pressure to do so.

People from our past want to find us? Do a google search. We have web sites and it's easy to send us an email. Same for us, for the very few people we might like to catch up with.

When we have something to share with friends, we call them, we see them or write them (real letters) and email those who we need to reach in "real" time.

Life is literally too short to spend it online, tweeting useless stuff, posting on facebook and the like.

Due to our business, we use linked in, but even that is a problem. How do you gracefully respond to folks you not only want NOTHING to do with, but would never want as a professional association? And would never recommend. Seriously.

And then there is the other side: We don't want to be bothering folks for stuff in such a public way as to make them uncomfortable, whether public or private.

Social media of all types has a place, but it's nowhere near as relevant or even useful as so many think.

Better people should pay attention to the lives in front of them everyday. Too many people are neglecting that for so-called "friends" online.

FYI: Some of the people we work with and for and some of our current friends ARE people we met online, via interest in their/our web sites, etc. We had something in common and it went from there. It wasn't mindless, idle nattering. Or incessant unsolicited "networking."

Had to laugh. The other nite a friend said they wanted to wish a relative a happy birthday. So go call, we said. "Oh, no. They don't like talking. So we'll just post something on their facebook page."

This is what life in 2010 is about? You don't talk to someone? You stick a note on the equivalent of a door?


And let's not even talk about the mis-use of social media by companies trying to sell something.

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