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September 25, 2010


That sounds like it hurt. Youch.

Been there. Done that. (Sounds like you had really really strong roots, which turns extraction into a new form of torture.) Can STILL hear the sounds of all that you described when I went thru the same thing with a back molar. (For those who have never experienced it: Yes, it does feel like your jaw will break. Yes, it is scary as hell. The pain comes afterwards.)

Watch out for "dry socket." And infections.

Good luck with recovery. The only good news is you'll lose weight (no matter how creative you get with turning what you normally eat into pulp).

Hang in there. You may have literally set a record for amount of time needed for extraction!

Now I know that when someone tells me that something hurts like it's pulling teeth, I'm gonna back off. But I'm not sure why the teeth extraction was a bad experience for you. I mean, I've already had like three or four extractions done by my dentist in Charlotte, and none of them made me feel bad after. It's because of the root canal history, huh? Well, I hope that you've gotten over the pain now.

Karen, Gemmond, Kristen - thanks for the well wishes.

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