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January 18, 2011


It's not just texting while walking, it's folks talking on cell phone who bump into others, practically knock them over and are completely unaware.

The only thing worse: Talking and texting while driving. Because these people believe they are the exception to every rule that says you cannot multi-task and drive safely!

Hard to imagine, but once upon a not so distant time, people worked, lived and thrived without being tethered electronically. It's just a new form of addiction. Ironically, folks who can't seem to concentrate enough to read anything for a few minutes can text incessantly.

Gemmond - call me analog, but I would rather wait until I have a quiet place to make a phone call unless I absolutely need to speak with someone. The car is fine (it's quiet), but walking in a mall? And texting while walking? Forget it.

Oh God, we can't do activities at the same time! If texting can cause accidents while we're walking, what more if we're driving? You can't focus on driving or walking because there's a stuff or activity disturbing you. Every driver must be responsible. They must avoid doing other activity while their driving, so they'll only focus on the road. One more thing is before they left the house, they must check their cars first. If they saw problems, better ask the help of a car expert for auto repair. In Indianapolis, most auto repair shops (Indianapolis-based) check well the engine to make sure if there are no problems. With that, you'll feel safe and hassle-free!

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