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March 31, 2011


I agree that it will be hard to see anyone leave tonight. This is where it gets difficult and the judges used a save. I think Thia could go as well. Haley is safe because the judges loved her.

Go Casey!

Ok Dan - you hooked me! Well, the program did, but you (and my mom) got me watching. Am loving it, but have to disagree with your eval of Jacob Lusk. I think his voice is weak and I can barely understand him--he kind of runs the words together. Perhaps that's the style, but it does not work for me.

I am SO disappointed to see Thia go, tho I had a feeling she would. I love her voice and style, just shows that once again I don't agree with the mainstream.

Question - I think the producers play a role in # of votes. For example in the group numbers Thia usually had a smaller role, and was not featured as much in the commercials. What do you think?

PS - I have to tell you that my mom (who's 80) loves Steven Tyler and thinks he really adds to the show. Too funny!

Jill - sorry Thia.

Jenna - Casey is amazing.

Lisa - give Jacob a chance. I liked Thia as well. I do think there are marketing tactics within the show that affect the contestants. It's the wisdom (or lack thereof) of the crowd, though, that ultimately determines their fate.

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