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May 25, 2011


I agree that Lauren may have a chance after all. It comes down to boy vs. girl, but it's country no matter how you look at it.

I've preferred Lauren all along, but have been impressed with how much Scotty has matured on all fronts in the last 6 weeks. One a field trip with 4th graders today, I asked who they wanted to win. All of them said Scotty...hands down.

Scotty was not given a fair deal last night. The song choices for him were bad!!!!! Both should have been given equal songs and not one a sappy play to the audience and one a nothing song. If Scotty doesn't win, it is all a big setup. The judges should also keep their opinions to themselves and not favor one over the other. Hopefully, it will all backfire on them and all the push for Lauren will be for nothing and Scotty will still win.

Jen - we'll never know how close it was.

Wendy - gotta love that focus group.

Charlie - no worries.

I love reading this after the results so I can see how perfectly you called it. :)

Thanks, Poppy. Tough to figure out the voters...

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