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October 12, 2011


I thought the same thing when I first heard this story. I can see how you get lost, but there are other ways to find your way out besides calling 911.

You're surprised that people who would bring a three-week-old baby with them on this kind of outing would call 911?

It seems if they weren't "smart" enough to figure their way out (and apparently these places have spots that are above the maze where you climb up and look around to get your bearings. If they don't, why even go to such a place to begin with.), they would just call 911 instead of the facility. However, they may not have even known the name or been able to get enough service to access a search for the info.

Or, and this can happen with these kind of places, there is NO PHONE NUMBER. (We've been to places where there were no signs, no phone numbers, etc. like this.)Things are NOT always as they are written up or shown on TV.

Some might disagree that one pays $16 to get lost. Some might say that folks pay to wander around and have some fun in the process.

But not to get stuck, especially with a baby (and by the way, people bring newborns to restaurants, movie theaters, all kinds of public places, these days. Clearly those parents aren't afraid of exposing their newborn to germs in the first few weeks of life. Or maybe they can't afford childcare--but if you can afford to get out, one would think you could afford help. I wouldn't do it, but really it's not my business what others choose to do.)

This is not the stupidest thing that someone could do in the situation. Most people today even with smartphones that could find all sorts of emergency access info, STILL call 911 for any kind of help. (including people standing in front of a fire station or hospital!)

Maybe you and I would have called the facility first--assuming there was a number. Doesn't mean everyone else would.

FYI: I personally see no fun in wandering around in a corn maze. Now, a garden maze as part of touring special gardens. That's a whole other thing. To each his own.

Jill - I guess they panicked.

Gemmond - I guess if you're panicking with a 3-week old, you do what you think is necessary to keep your baby safe. If it were me, I would have swaddled the baby safely in my arms and plowed through the corn toward the light. Everyone is different. But I would not have brought a 3-week-old baby into a corn maze.

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