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September 15, 2012


Nice! This is a very clever idea! It would spontaneously improve the appearance of your house and have people in awe of the illusions. These garage door covers are also helpful in protecting the garage door from dust and too much exposure from dew and fog. I like the last garage cover showing a lot of liquor barrels. It has a strong sense of style and class. :)

Wow, these are some great pictures. I came to this site actually looking for a good place to find a garage door repairman in Calgary, but I guess it brought me to this. Oh well.

Libbie - I agree. I wonder what the cost is?

Garage Doors - glad you stumbled on the site. Thanks for visiting.

That is a very clever idea! I like the truck so much. I think it'll be perfect for our garage door. I wonder if there are other designs like this? Maybe a concept design inspired by nature?

Sharron Folkes

Holy. Cow. I could not figure out this website. I was thinking, "I just need to find the link where it shows me garage door ideas/repair. Then I saw the caption, "these are real garage doors." Then my mind exploded. Beautiful.

Have you been to New York? Hmm, why not try having the first photo cover for your garage door? Hahaha! If your garage has a cover like this, you will somewhat feel that you’re being transported into Manhattan train Station. Haha!:’) Other people who see this will be inspired to have their own awesome covers for their garage doors.

That is awesome! These garage doors are just painted? I'd love to do something like this to mine in Salt Lake City.

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